Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Its all about Context

Wow, - we seem to be getting more traffic again.  Still not sure why, but in an attempt to keep this site somewhat interesting, we will work to put up one post a week.  And yes, will also try to to keep it boating related  (Mostly).

With that I am remembering an exchange between Kristi and I back in January.  We were on the phone and I was packing up a box of 'stuff to move' for our year stay in Minnesota.  I was down to packing some of her clothing, and the conversation went something like this:

 "K:  I want all of my jewelry;  it's on top of the dresser.
Not quite this bad. . .
  A:  OK, got it.

  K:  And my wood-handled brush, and the vented one.
  A; Wood-handled, got it.  Vented?
  K:  It has holes in it.
  A: Holes in the brush,  sure.  Think I got it.

  K: Now all my Teal shirts.
  A: Teal -- that's Green, right?
  K: It's blue.  Blue-Green.
  A: Blue ... Green.  Blue-green, ok.  (Hoping they were correct ones)

  K: And I DO want my GREEN capri's
  A: You have a  car in here?  (Only Capri I know of was made by Mercury back in the 70's)
  K: Pants.  With short legs.
  A; OK, Green cut offs.

(At this point I am feeling just like I do when ordering coffee at Starbucks - where they 'passively aggressively'  train their customs to order the 'right' way)

  K: And my Carhartts.
  A: THAT I get!"

And so it went.  Perhaps I can feel a bit more sympathetic for her when I ask for a 5/8" box wrench.  (But come on.  What's hard about that?  It's a wrench.  One for a 5/8" nut.  With the end shaped like . . er . . a . . box??)

Why is this Boating related?  At times people ask us how we can stay in such a small space for so long. "I am surprised you two have not eaten each other yet" one friend stated.  Well, it is different for everyone, I think.  We often note that with few exceptions we are hardly ever more than 50' from each other, and have been that way for several years now.  Even here in Minnesota I come up from the 'Man Cave' to sit at the table Kristi is at and type (ala, like this post).  Not sure why we are this way but we are.  And to be honest I think it is a kind of basic need if one is looking to cruise long term.

We know another couple who wanted to pull the plug and 'live the dream' like we are.  But he also commented "But I will need a bigger boat".  Later that summer they pulled in a 65' power boat.  Wonderful, tons of room.  Maybe big enough, though last I knew, he was still working to pay it off....

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