Monday, May 26, 2014

A Small Town Remembers

As the first Memorial Day spent 'back home' in 35 years, I wanted to attend at least part of the town's ceremonies of remembrance.

I was selected by the Storden VFW Auxiliary's delegate to the Minnesota Girls State program.  I had to do some research to discover again that girls who have completed their junior year of high school participate.  That was 1979, so yes, 35 years ago, I was an active participant by laying poppies and reading the poem In Flanders Fields.

Storden is a very small town.  America Street (aka Main St) is three short blocks long.  This is MANY cars in town today.

I didn't know how long the services at the church would last.  I hope to have a few moments alone to shoot some photos, and I did.  My approach to the park.  The number of crosses has grown a lot in the past 35 years.

Flag at the memorial at half mast, and poppies at the ready.

And nameless white crosses become personal on the other side.  

Most arrive on foot from the church.  There are a few cars that pull up next to the park, and even a golf cart draws near.

The 2014 Girls State delegate takes her turn to read In Flanders Fields.

The salute!

And Taps.  I heard a young man behind me say 'I always get goosebumps when I hear  Taps.'  I said, 'For me it's tears.'

Honoring the Unknown Soldier

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