Saturday, May 17, 2014

Hidden problem with Dickinson Diesel Stoves.

Hey, a BOATING post!  Been going through some saved photos, have a few more to add - just to keep things alive...

Our beloved (and at times not so much) Dickinson Diesel stove needs very little:  Fuel to be precise.  That is about it.  We have a 5 gallon gravity feed tank on the upper fly-bridge deck that supplies the Dickinson when it is running.   One winter the stove started to burn down.  Refilling the tank did not help, but turning up the fuel knob did.  For a while.

After a while it got to the point I needed to do something.  Cleaned the stove, changed the filter, etc.  Nothing was a long term solution.  Then while carefully looking at the parts manual I found a small metal screen.  Just like some fuel pumps have.  Sure enough, it was gunked up.  (likely from the old tank and really old fuel).  A quick cleaning and we were back in action!  To clean, turn off the fuel and remove the 'carburetor', then remove the brass fuel inlet fitting.

Remove the 'carb', then take this fuel fitting off.

Inside you will find a small filter screen.  Shown here AFTER cleaning!

Replace the fitting - making sure not to over-tighten, the Aluminum body is soft.  While things are apart, make sure to check the copper U-shaped tube that runs from the bottom of the 'carb' to the actual pot-burner.  I had to replace ours as being a low spot, it accumulated lots of stuff over the years  (was simpler to replace than clean..)

And there you go.  If you are pulling your hair out over your drip-pot stove, check the screen.  What a great summer project to do, before you need to light up the stove next fall.

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