Saturday, July 5, 2014

Slackers at the Blog..

Yesterday I noticed it has been, ahem, a bit of time from our last post.  And yet folks seems to keep coming back!  (Well, a couple of ya anyway).  But I do want to say sorry for not getting SOMETHING up at least every 2 weeks.

This will be a quick one, more of a 'checks in the mail' type post.  Over the past few weeks I have been really focused on coordinating group builds of the two Alternator projects,  the external alternator regulator, and the integrated DC generator controller.  What's new is am using a China firm to fab the PCBs as well as do some of the PCB component assembly.  Has been a mixed bag, but in the end am focusing on using China for the SMT parts, and then hand soldering on what is left.  Which made a bit of work converting the projects over to SMT components.  You can read more in their respective blogs, and if anyone is interested in a board set I have a few left over for both the integrated controller as well as the stand alone regulator.

Stand alone external Alternator Regulator

CAD 3d drawing of new LCD Remote

CAD drawing of new SMT  DC generator controller.

Back to the Check is in the Mail.  It is time for another Cost to not cruise post, we will have 6 months of info now, perhaps starting to see comparable values?  Have some photos for a posting entitled "A tail of three LEDs",   A low power story full of Drama, Color, and even smoke/fire!

Till then,

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