Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Back at it...

Kristi and I have been spending the past two weeks cleaning and refitting Viking Star.  Mostly it has gone well with few surprises.  A couple of drawers needed to be cleaned, items washed, and drawer scrubbed out with Vinegar.  Am having issues with corrosion / damaged seats on the hydronic heaters's couples, and the house battery was not very happy with being left alone for a year.  But we are slowly getting it done.

And we are getting back into the Coffee shop mode!  Visited 3 or 4 of our favorites, catching up on what has changed (not much), and good coffee.  Even made it out to Roche Harbor for a few of their cake doughnuts:

With all this we lucked out getting a house-sitting gig (which is code for:  taking care of our old pet while we are away) so have been able to do all this while not living on the boat at the same time.  Plus we get to 'borrow' someone's kitty :-)

Thursday we are back on the boat, figuring out where to stuff things we carried back from Minnesota, and start getting ready for a new year of cruising.

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