Thursday, January 15, 2015

Going home

Today Kristi and I will be moving back to the boat - as the 'house sitting' gig is up.  It has been a little less than one year for me, and a little more than one year for Kristi when we 'moved away' from what had been our home for going on 5 years or more.  Looking back, July 1st 2009 is when I moved 'full time' aboard, with Kristi following a month later as she wrapped up her job.  And during that time it was the end of many many years of dreaming, working, preparing - all culminating in the day we went from Land Folks to Boat Folks - to full-time cruisers. And with that came the feelings of the time, feelings of leaving jobs, houses, families. Feelings of fear, excitement, wonder; of embarking on a dream, a 'Wish I could do that' adventure.  It in itself was a dream, or at least the realization of a dream.

They say one is made of one's experiences in life - and to some extent I am sure that is true. As Kristi and I look to go home again we have a new set of experiences to integrate into our souls.  The time with Maynard and Ellen, Minnesota, the people of SW Minnesota.  All are new and powerful experiences.

And as a result of our experiences - we are different people now.

We are returning to Viking Star with a totally different set of feelings, expectations, a different reality.  We are not realizing a dream, that has been realized.  We are not here to discover what is unknown about the lifestyle, we have discovered it.  We are not, and can not, re-enter this life in the same way as we did 6 years ago.

We can not view moving to a boat in the same way - we are different people now.

As Spring unfolds and we revisit the South Sound again, how will it be?  Will we find new meanings while sitting at anchor?  Will we desire to seek deeper into nature, or deeper into society?  Will we still seek out Burgers, Coffee, or become Tea people?  Will we fall back into the old patterns we had, or will we be able to find new meanings, new insights, new interpretations of experiences?

Whatever it is, I am sure it will be different - for we are different now.

So stay tuned as this new/old chapter of our lives unfolds.

(To see someone at the beginning of the experience, take a look at one couple we have been following for some time as they just pulled the plug - so to speak: )

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  1. Well, Captain Al, it's only appropriate that this is almost coincidental with your birthday. I seem to get distracted with life and tend to forget I have good friends on a life adventure that is so different from mine and the contrast is what keeps me interested. Please do continue to be as transparent and introspective and mechanical as you have been, it's all great to read! Blessings and health to you and Kristi as you return to the Viking Star and its adventures.