Friday, February 27, 2015

Taking the Last Foot Off of Shore

Wow, almost one month from our last post - surprised anyone still bothers to come and take a peek.

Well, today is kind of a notable day - it is the day we severed perhaps our last touch with the 'taking  a year off'.  Today we sold the car, and are now back into Cruiser mode - foot loose and fancy free!

Good bye to you - - - 

Tonight we will still be at the docks here in Friday Harbor.  Then depending on how quickly the winds calm down from a front coming through just now we will take out either Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning, and hold out in a local bay for a few days, and then decide when to start heading towards the mid-sound.

It is no question that the past year and a half has created a lot of memories as we took to land-living - and with today's letting go of the car we pull our last foot from shore.  Tomorrow starts a new chapter.

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  1. I have been peeking at the website for awhile and thought about making a comment. :) Sad to see the car go, but glad that you two are footloose and fancy free again. :)