Sunday, March 1, 2015

Departing Friday Harbor

It was a beautiful sunny day, but the breeze was up.  Small Craft Warnings were posted, which normally doesn't concern us too much, but we haven't handled the boat, especially in close quarters, for over a year.  We were just waiting on the wind to calm, and when it did, we went.

Goodbye Shipyard Cove.  Goodbye Debbie Sue, AKA 'The Big Blue Boat'

Hello Mt. Baker

Hello Turtleback Mountain

Old Glory is waving happily

Another 'star boat', Morning Star, on the Harney Channel between Orcas and Shaw Islands

There are LOTS of crab pots dotting Blind Bay, but we find a space at the back near local boats.  We open a bottle of wine -- those who know us a little better know that this is now an occasion -- and brought a book for Al and knitting for me to enjoy on the back deck.  

And even in the quiet, there was so much noise!  Cows mooing, dogs barking, gulls and raven calling, and a tight group of little birds who would murmur amongst themselves before diving and popping up to murmur again about their findings.  They had me running for my binoculars -- Christmas gift of 2013 -- and my Sibley bird guide.  Long-tailed Ducks, a new species sighting for us.

We're off to a good start.

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  1. Glad to see you have a lovely day for your first day back. AND I am glad to see you have now posted TWO days in a row..