Thursday, March 5, 2015

Cost to CRUISE Jan/Feb 2015

Though I blew by January, am back to tracking and reporting our costs aboard Viking Star while cruising.  And with this post we kick back into a true Cost to Cruise.

Notice Jan and Feb are back in the Blue  (get it, Blue - water, vs. Green = land).  Note also the rolling average will cover only blue months - up till we can again start a 12mo rolling look-back.

During these past two months we were busy getting Viking Star back into shape, entertained a band of kids, and still had access to a car.   This is reflected in the Transportation and perhaps somewhat the Dining Out.  Am a bit surprised how the Grocery costs raised so much, esp considering there was very very little 'adult beverages' purchased.  perhaps it reflects the cost of Island Living.  And am also noting the dramatic reduction in Personal costs.  I myself attribute this to Kristi being: A) Rather Busy with Grand Kids, B) Rather Busy whipping Viking Star into Shape, C) Rather Busy attending the Oh So many Coffee shops, and D) Rather Discouraged as she looked for places to stuff the accumulated purchases over the past year.  (Boredom + VISA + UPS = Danger)

Misc largely contains park pass fee's as well as Washington State Boat Tax's.

Going forward we can expect picking up fuel costs (tanks are down to perhaps 100Gal), and I am looking to haul-out this summer.  Plus we might have a few 'trips' to account for in some way:  a planned BVI charter and maybe a trip back to the farm during harvest season.  But that is oh so far off, will see..

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