Thursday, March 19, 2015

A Personal Tour

Our tour guide, son Micah, and his ship

A hanger bay

Conversation on the fantail

A pretty starfish.  Micah says they call the flight deck 'The Steel Beach', but this is in the hanger bay.

  Actually it's called an eyelet, and this and the following picture show it at work.

Wouldn't want a weight like this to be rolling around in heavy weather!

Mooring lines off the fantail

Still talking ...

Above them, the flag.

The Nimitz


We join the flag on the flight deck

The bright sun thwarts the selfie attempts

But I like this.  I'm literally in my son's shadow.  And you can tell Al is smiling too.

The Ship's Bell

The Seal, uncovered just for us.  It's all hand-painted.

Add Micah for size comparison.  We are told each link weighs 365 pounds!  THAT'S an anchor chain!

The 'pointy end of the boat'

It was an honor to spend the afternoon with Micah, seeing the place he has been working for the past year and a half.  The ship will soon become his home, as time for deployment nears.

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