Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Harvest Begins

We are land lubbers once again!

We arrived in Minnesota on Saturday September 26. We've come to help with the harvest and field work on the farm.

Sunday we attended church with Dean, Elizabeth, and Ethan, followed by a family dinner (noon meal) with an aunt, uncle, and cousin. I'll add a photo later if my cousin sends one by email.

Al spent a lot of time tinkering on machinery, anticipating the start of harvest soon. Silage cutting had been completed before our arrival.

I have visited the chicken house, tried to tame a few cats, patted Gus the dog, and made trips to both Worthington and Windom. Most activities involve chatting with my sister-in-law Elizabeth. We have taken the shutters off the house and primed them and will paint them tomorrow. I dug carrots and picked tomatoes from the garden. I've helped with dishes and laundry, and most evenings I cook supper while Elizabeth does chores with Dean.

Today the main event began -- combining!

Al rides along with Dean while clearing the end rows

Al unloading the first soybeans

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