Saturday, October 3, 2015

A Break

Dean, Elizabeth and I took a break from harvest and chores to attend the football game last night. The Windom team won! And Ethan got in on a few plays in the first half too. Wins have been a little rare for this team so it was really appreciated, even though we felt bad (a little) that it was the other team's Homecoming.

A year ago they were the same height. It looks like Ethan is still a growing boy!

Al had stayed home to run the combine and fill the trailers to take to town first thing in the morning. Unfortunately, he had a 'break' too. He called Dean on our way to the game to say that a belt had broken on the combine. Fortunately we were driving by a John Deere shop on the way, and even though it was 7PM, the door was open. The parts man was able to assist quickly and we made it to the game in time to hear the home team cheering a touchdown.

Al then had time to research online how to install the new belt on the combine. He's still working on it as I write.

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