Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Where have all the Costs gone?

Perhaps you are one of the readers who come to this blog primary for the detailed tracking of costs we have published over the years:

If so, you likely have noted that I have not published updates for a while.   And I am here today to explain why.

In short: last year we took a break in Minnesota; hence the postings listed 'Cost to Not Cruise' during 2014.   I had been looking forward to resuming our true Cost to Cruise blog posts this year - but again 2015 turns out to be an odd year.

See, I try to 'filter out' things which are not really related to costs associated with cruising.  Example, when I take business trips I did not include Airfare nor hotel, but do include moorage costs while I was away.  I had a set of 'rules' for these adjustments - but 2015 is a bit complex and I felt things were getting out of hand.  We had our trip to the BVI.  Then there was a family trip in the spring.  We are right now taking another trip to Minnesota to help out with harvest.  And we have three more trips planned after that.

So many exceptions, oh so many adjustments.  Things just seemed way too artificial and manipulated. So we made the decision to suspend the Costs posts for 2015 - and I was lazy in posting an explanation - until now.

But never fear.  2016 is looking to be a much more 'normal' pure cruising year and we intend to restart the costs posts come January 2016.

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