Thursday, March 10, 2016


Now that we've been enjoying it for two months, I thought I'd show you the installation of the new fridge!

Having large boxes take up prime 'real estate' provides motivation to install as soon as possible!

'The Space'
We used to store quite a few things alongside the old fridge -- a folding table, broom, fire extinguisher, rechargeable batteries, etc. The new fridge will take the WHOLE space.

The old fridge all cleaned out and ready to go. I posted  on the San Juan Trading Post, and it went quickly!

Bronson has to supervise everything.

AAaaaaah, the SPACE! Easily twice as much as the old fridge. Room for lots of eggs and salad fixings. Now we can even have condiments! 

Because the compressor is at the back, the freezer volume is about equal to the old fridge. We find it does not keep ice cream at our desired hardness, however. We decide we will only do short-term storage of ice cream here -- usually not a problem -- and no meats.

After two months of use, I can say I LOVE the new fridge. Not only is it larger, the fridge compartment is much colder than the old one, which keeps our food fresher longer! The freezer is a little disappointing, but it DOES do okay making ice. We have an Engel freezer in the aft cabin where we freeze our meat.

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