Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Ryker's Visit

Ryker's mom drove him up to Anacortes yesterday. We all had lunch together, then Ryker learned about provisioning. Then we moved on to Eagle Harbor on Cypress Island.

The eagle has landed? Bigger-than-goose prints.


Stump boat?

Ryker's driving!

Bronson makes a good co-pilot. Waves are rather big. The wind plus our speed brought the gauge up to 42 knots. But the orientation was good, so it wasn't uncomfortable.

The tower at Moran State Park (zoomed in)

No zoom. We wondered if our friends Dave and Patti were up there, so we waved just in case. They are visiting Orcas Island this week.

We are at the dock in Fossil Bay, Sucia Island. Ryker wanted to go on an expedition to search for fossils. This rock appears to have a shell embedded in it.

And here's one ...

A heart-shaped rock, and Turtleback Mt. in the distance. We see it from the other side when we are in Friday Harbor.

Another shell!

LOTS of shells! And interesting honeycomb/lattice erosion.

Ryker next to what appears to be the Sphinx of Sucia?

The best picture of the otter we saw ashore, who went to sea when we got too close. We saw it in several places, and watched it eat it's catch. It was HUGE, and kind of golden colored.

A young eagle flew over. We also saw harlequin ducks near the dock.

Lots of hearts....

... gotta love the beach!

Papa says 'It looks like a set of railroad tracks!'

There was a large area where every crack was filled with smaller rocks.
Wow, two walks today and we might go for another before sundown. After supper we look forward to ice cream and a movie!

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