Saturday, March 25, 2017

Growing Grandkids

Hey the good news is that we are out cruising again!

But before I start sharing our travelling adventures, I want to document the great visit we had with daughter Lindsay and her brood in February.

The forecast called for rain every day, and I remember that we got some, every day. BUT we had some good times and mostly stayed dry when we were outside.

Here are photos and captions to tell the story:

I do a Selfie Sunday post on my business facebook page: Better With Lipstick!
Here I pose with Emrie and Ryker.

Emrie LOVES make-up! I wouldn't be surprised if she's a make-up artist to the stars someday!

We girls had fun trying several new colors of LipSense during the week.

We had a driving trip to the sculpture park near Roche Harbor. Troy is known to walk far ahead of the group, so he's not in many pictures. Here are Ranger and Ryker banging the gong -- it makes a nice sound!

I just love this!

We had a ferry trip to Lopez Island. The kids like to be on the front of the boat with Papa.

The kids played and made new friends at the skate park, even without skateboards!

Ryker's teacher's family has property on Lopez, and recommended a couple of places to visit. Here Lindsay is sending a photo of Ryker, on our way to Iceberg Point.

Typical. Troy forging the way. and Emrie back with me.
She made fun of me for 'taking a picture of Papa's butt'!

The whole gang.
We did an overnight boat trip to Turn Island. The whole island is a State Park just outside Friday Harbor. I think this was the biggest highlight of this years trip.

Troy goes ahead, but this time he came back announcing 'I found something cool! Look at all the tracks!'

Blue Boy

This was pretty high above the water and close enough to the edge to make moms nervous.
Papa says 'Kids are tougher than you think.'

The kids barked at the seals. And the seals wondered what those strange creatures were.

Sloth Ryker

We spent hours on this sunny beach, on the lee side of the island.

Emrie's art....

... turns to a balance beam.

Ryker and I got the first ride back to the boat. I got a head start on supper, but stopped to take this photo.

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