Thursday, April 6, 2017

Cruising Again!

We departed Friday Harbor and as we usually do, went directly to Blind Bay. It is our 'happy place' in the San Juan Islands. We like to drop an anchor and just relax for a few days -- or weeks. But this year we were on our way to Bellingham to meet up with friends, so we caught a mooring buoy and only stayed one night.

From there we went to Inati Bay on Lummi Island -- we'd never been there before. It is a tiny bay, and seemed crowded by a log tow, and a big hunk of steel.

A new experience for us this year is using yacht club reciprocals! We joined the West Sound Corinthians and have already earned back the cost of the initiation and first year's dues. We've enjoyed time in Bellingham, LaConner and Everett.

We'd never been into the marina at Everett either, so we are having new experiences, even after 6 years of cruising in the area. It is a wonderful facility, and we hear it is the largest on the West Coast! Here are two different perspectives from the two sunsets we observed in Everett:

We were the only boat at the guest dock the first night. And the sun broke through dark foreboding clouds near sunset.

Sunset the second night was a bit brighter. Here the windows appear to be glowing with light from inside, but it is the reflection of the sun. Notice the white submarine. We saw a TV news story about it the next day. Read more here:

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