Sunday, October 11, 2009

Whats been going on with the Boat?

OK, I know I have been a bit distracted lately with the new consulting job, but I also have been working on projects. So, here is a bit of an update.

Currently have three major ones I am pecking away at. You might remember remember when I needed to carve up all that nice new framing around the lazzarette hatches in order to take out the old water tank? Well, have been patching that all back together.
Is, err, a bit ugly. But thanks to heavy timbers in the 1st place, and modern Epoxy will eventually get it back to good condition.

Also have been working on the forward port holes. Pulled the old ones a while ago, and am prepping the cutout for the new ones. I do need to do some cleaning up of the framing, but figure will get it all cleaned up in a week or so.

I have been focusing on installing the propane cook top. Though we do have the Dickinson Diesel stove to cook on, that is a bit over the top when we do not need to heat the cabin to 85+ Ala, any time during the Summer! So, made a step down for the cook top, today ran the propane lines into the locker I had previously completed. Monday will finish the plumbing, install the locker drain, and maybe get it all hooked up.

Oh, and I put a maintenance Cetol coat on all the exterior Bright Work. As well as totally stripped and refinished the stern. Cetol, ARG!!! I know, not REAL Varnish, but I like the easy maintenance. I save real Varnish for the interior. Speaking of Interior, I also have been milling the trim for the aft cabin and have installed most of it.

Also ordered the new House Batteries as well as a new Ship Computer to replace the laptop that gave up the Ghost last summer during that 100+ week. Kristi and I have also been Dinghy shopping. No purchase yet, but looking - that Consulting Job lets us get a few of these last items a bit more quickly.

See, have actually been getting stuff done!

And just FYI: The two following pictures are the Garage, and our 'storage room' (2nd Bed Room). This is what is left to either be installed on the boat, or be stored on the boat (ala, spares.) Not too bad . . . . .

And Finally. Here it a photo of what we affectionately call the 'Toilet Seat'. The thing in the Red
circle. See, the marina we are in is way too cheap to actually dredge accumulated sand, despite the rather dear rates they charge. Last year I moved slips because of this, and this year it is much worse: August, September, October. Until the Rains come. We have canceled several trips out, and missed just going out for a Sun Set Cruise this late summer. It is so bad we can only attempt to get in or out with very high tide. And even then I need to wear my John Deer hat...

The Toilet Seat is our Tell. When the water is to it, I can get out with a lot of trouble (meaning, I need to do the Tug Boat Dredge to clear the keel in order to make the turn and get out of the slip). I'd rather like to see the Toilet Seat covered. This Friday we are hoping to get out to attend a river wide cruise. At 5 AM we have sort of a high tide, I am hoping it will be to the Seat at least!

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