Friday, October 2, 2009

Moving Sharon's Boat

Tuesday we waited for high tide and gave it a go. Al jokes about a John Deere hat being suitable for such operations, but there WAS plowing being done! Once out of the marina, the rest of the trip downriver and into the Multnomah Channel was uneventful. We had a pleasant evening at Hadley's Landing, and met Sharon on Wednesday morning. It was a rainier day than we had hoped, but Al got out his Gorton's fisherpants .

Plans were discussed and instructions given. I admit I was having fun being the photographer, and forgot to prepare the fenders on Viking Star to receive Sharon's boat. I was also amazed that the dinghy with it's little motor was able to tow with Al merely holding the bow line!

She was soon nestled up close to Viking Star for the rest of the trip to her new home.

I am sorry I didn't get a picture of her safely tucked into her new slip, but we were hurried out of the way of another boat coming down.

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