Tuesday, October 27, 2009

What's Important.

It finally struck me that I haven't written anything about something that is very important to me--my faith. Perhaps because it is so personal. But because we are called to SHARE our faith, I want to put here the words I said in front of the congregation of my church when our pastor asked Al and me to say a few words in his 'Voyages' series, that week dealing with 'casting off' and called 'Into Deep Waters'.

Pastor Dan chose the scripture passages for the week, but one especially struck me. And here is what I responded:

In the voyage of my life, this is NOT the first time I have had to 'step out in faith', or go 'Into the Deep Waters'. I remember the first time away from home at summer camp. Graduating High School, and then going to three different schools in the next three years. Getting Married and moving across the country. Having children --which is STILL some pretty deep water! Getting divorced. Finding Al, and making 'THE PLAN'.
Of the scriptures read today, the one that spoke to me most in our case was Luke 5:3-4, but especially verse 4 'When He had finished speaking, He said to Simon, 'Put out into deep water and let down your nets for a catch.'

My thoughts, in two parts:
Out into Deep Waters
Al has told me on several occasions, usually after I have said 'I'm not having fun!' , that the boat is capable of handling MUCH more than the crew can. Even after all my education and preparation for what may come, I must Trust the Boat. The boat will carry me across the surface of deep waters. We will use charts and depth finders to stay in deep waters. If a storm is approaching, and you cannot make it safely to port, it is best to head for deep waters.

And the second part: Let down your nets
No, don't just let them down--FLING them out there! And do it with expectation! The expectation of 'catching', the expectation to be fed, that your actions have purpose, and that you will be rewarded.
God is my boat. And as Al and I prepare to sail away into the deep waters, I will be trusting God. He is capable of so much more than I. I must trust him. He will carry me. 

And Prayer will be my net. I will fling it out there with the expectation of catching God's answers, of being fed by his Word, that I will have a greater purpose, and a great reward.

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