Thursday, September 24, 2009

Hello from San Francisco!

We are here while Al does business. Poor Al! He was gone from the hotel for 14 hours yesterrday. Today and tomorrow he will be working also. But we will have Saturday all day together, and departing Sunday.

Christine is along too. She has a broken toe, which prevents her from work, but allows her to tag along for this trip. It is fun to show her around one of my favorite cities in the world. Yesterday we drove down Lombard, the crookedest street. And up to Coit Tower, and since the weather was quite clear, we got some fabulous photos from the top. Next we drove across the Golden Gate Bridge (cloaked in fog) to sunny Sauselito for lunch at an Italian bistro. And drove through Golden Gate Park, and strolled through the botanical gardens.

We do have to make concessions for Christine's toe. We move quite a bit slower, and have to consider our routes. Today we will be riding the cable cars, doing some shopping, and perhaps going to Alcatraz. They have a special tram for those unable to climb the hill to the prison, so she will have to take advantage of that!

All for now. Will post pictures later. The internet is quite intermittent in the room, so I am writing from the parlor.

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