Tuesday, September 1, 2009

It's been a month.

It's been a month now since I moved onboard Viking Star.

The question I am asked most often is 'Are you driving each other crazy yet?' I think I can answer that one 'No'. Other than a few moments (a day or two?) that COULD be attributed to PMS, 'No'.

We have both enjoyed time away--I have played with grandchildren, Al has helped his kids with projects. But other than those 2 or 3 occasions, we have been together constantly. I HAVE noticed an increased incidence of reading each others thoughts, however. Even after knowing each other more than 10 years now, and over 7 years in marriage, I continue to be surprised by the extent that we seem to be 'on the same wavelength'. I think that's a nice place to be.

And, after a month, we are both agreed with other retirees who say 'I don't know HOW we found time for a job!' Boy, for the last week, we haven't even done a thing towards boat projects!

Yesterday we did a small 'warm-up' project, and today Al has already interupted me several times to come give opinions. He will be working on plumbing for the washer/dryer and sink for the aft cabin. I plan to 'swab the decks' to make Viking Star more presentable for the cruise we plan to attend this weekend. Even though the forecast is for rain this Labor Day weekend.

So, it's been a month. We have agreed that it has been no hardship at all to live aboard. We do seem to have all that we NEED, even with a garage full of things we need to either dispose of or move onto the boat.


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