Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Things have changed a bit...

Throughout this past year+, Kristi and I have figured out that we can not really 'plan' things more than two weeks out. Oh, we may have a general direction, but in terms of Planning, Wasted time. In that light, things that Could Of, Should Of, or May Of happened have somewhat happened and as a result we have changed direction a little.

Not much, mind ya, but a little.

Some background: In the Big Picture, we had been looking to 'Pull The Plug' in about two years (well, more like 1 and a half now :-) And it was that timeline that we were working towards: Things, kids, Boat, us. Well - Getting Laid off in January kind of accelerated those plans, we went into hyper gear: Finishing the boat, selling the house, dumping stuff onto the kids, etc.

Throughout all of this there has always been rumblings of a Job. Over the past month, those Rumblings became more solid and this week I started a consulting position with the EPA on their ENERGY STAR program. We also moved into an Apartment.


Yes, I can hear everyone screaming! Well, almost.

See :-
Job: This is a consulting position that is part time (10-15 hrs / week), and will provide some additional Boat Funds without tapping into Savings. It might last a year or two, but more so: it is one that I can largely do from the boat with only a Laptop and a Cell Phone.

Apartment: Blame Oregon on that one. They made a change in their Tax law that nullified a key provision I was counting on, and has effectively driven me out of the state. So, we have an apartment in Vancouver to establish Washington residency. I have more to say on this, but rather not have it in 'print', at least not in this pseudo family-friendly format. But know this, Pissed Off over this I am. . .

Boat: We will work to complete the boat this fall and Winter. Will be a bit slowed by Job, but then funds will help some with some major purchases (battery, sun/rain shades, Pactor modem)

So, basic 'plan' (err, sorry, basic Direction) right now is: We are living on the land in Washington, working on the boat through the Winter and some time next Spring will give up the slip and the apartment to move full time on the boat. Will cruise the Columbia for the summer and next Fall look to head north to the Sound Area (remember, the only real firm 'Plan' we ever have had was "Go down river and Turn Right")

Finally, Kristi and I spent a few minutes putting together a high level 'need to do' list. In no order than what came to our mind, here is what we will be working on over the next few months:

  1. Wire up backup inverter
  2. Install larger battery bank
  3. Install Hydronic Heating system
    1. Hurricane
    2. Finish piping, circulation pump
    3. Interface to Motor and generator
    4. Interface to Diesel Stove
  4. Finish Generator
  5. Install water maker
  6. New Anchor platform
    1. Platform
    2. Rebuild Windlass
  7. Propane Locker
  8. Decks
    1. Devil Seam
    2. Bungs on deck
    3. Install aft cleats
  9. Sand / refinish lazzorete
  10. Finish Lazzorete
    1. Framing
    2. Rain water system
    3. Finish Hatches
    4. Install locking system
  11. Install wood access hatch in aft cabin
  12. Finish Aft Cabin
    1. Finish trim around Hatch
    2. Insulation
    3. Headliner
    4. Trim around top
    5. Drawers
  13. Install aft head
    1. Door
    2. Head
    3. LectraSan
  14. Kitchen
    1. Cook stove
    2. Doors
    3. Pollish Diesel Stove
    4. Banana Hanger
    5. Framing around refrigerator
  15. Soles (cork)
  16. Overheads in Main cabin
  17. Forward Cabin
    1. Overheads
    2. Trim
    3. Sink counter top and faucet
  18. Wash down system
    1. Raw water
    2. Fresh water
  19. Aft external shower
  20. Leaks
    1. Fly bridge
    2. Forward cabin around deck?
  21. Repair rotten framing Port side
  22. Trim and racks
    1. Forward helm station: Binoculars, Handheld, etc.
  23. Install SSB
  24. Procure EPIRB
  25. Dingy
  26. Sliding Door Locks
  27. Install AIS
  28. Install computer
  29. Flopper Stoppers
    1. New Mast
    2. Outriggers
    3. Flopper stoppers themselves
  30. Rain / Sun shades

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