Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Out with the OLD, In with the NEW

So, several changes around here. Some small, some not as small. Have been working on the plumbing aspect of the aft sink and washer/dryer. Yesterday got the rough drain in; today completed the hot/cold water. Now just need to fit the counter, and can start installing the aft sink! Guess that is really just in with the new.

OK something out and in. Have been mentioning about the possibility of a job, well. Looks like I will be consulting with the EPA as they extend their ENERGY STAR program to Data Center servers and storage. So, out with Lazy Life, and In with Job. Just need to finish the contract and can get started. In the mean time, I have been busy learning about and setting up a small business in Washington. LLCs, DBA's, State and City Licences. Combined with insurance and other fees, it seems like I will be working the 1st Month just to be able to be allowed to work...

Now, some have wondered about how this will affect our cruising plans. A little, but not totally. This is a part-time job, and much of it will be able to be handled remotely. So, after a Hard Days Work working on my naps and the boat, I can pull out the Laptop, pop in the 3G/4G card, and do my 'job' while enjoying the sunset on the aft deck.

Sounds rough, but we will see how it goes :-)

Washington? Yes, Kristi and I are moving to Washington to establish residency. Oregon use to allow one to file exempt if they were out of the state and had no real property. Now they also require that you reside in a FIXED dwelling. So, if I am in Belize in a shack on the beach, I can file exempt. If on the other hand I am on Viking Star anchored 100 yards off that same beach, well, Oregon wants me to pay income taxes. Now, I am not against paying my fair share, but IF I am anchored in Belize, not sure why I need to send money to Oregon. Too bad, as I have lived here all my life. But what can one do . . .

More out and in: Been pulling out the nasty old Port holes and replacing them with nice new bronze ones. Today I pulled the forward ones, and will put in the nice ones soon. The After picture is from the Aft cabin.

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