Sunday, September 6, 2009

Wet and Wild Weekend

What a handsome thing! Some people ask why we get up so early. Lots of reasons....the airplanes start flying around 6AM, we are kind of naturally 'early to bed, early to rise' people, but this time, it was High Tide--the only time we can get into or out of the slip this time of year. But if we DIDN'T get up so early, we would miss so many experiences like this.
The view from our 'front window'.

Sunrise behind Mt. Hood

Evidence of wildlife.....I didn't have the camera for the sturgeon we saw on the beach, half picked clean, but surprisingly NOT smelly!

Isn't Viking Star pretty? She had a bath and everything! And just like washing your car, it is sure to rain within the next 48 hours! I am thankful that the big bed had been installed in the aft cabin. The rain reminded us of a couple of leaks in the V-berth...

Curious cat Capitan from Paradox came to visit. We miss our kitty, but she would NOT be so at home on a boat.

Wow! The moonrise on Saturday night was phenomenal!

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