Thursday, August 27, 2009

A nice ending....

We enjoyed a peaceful ending to the 2009 District 32 Cruise....The only exception being about the worst case of 'land sickness' I have experienced as of yet. After three weeks on the boat with time off the boat spent in other moving vehicles, it was QUITE disconcerting to sit at the breakfast table in a large room and feel the world rocking!

Most participants in the cruise left the docks at St. Helens before noon on Sunday. We stuck around until late Monday morning and then we mosied up the Multhomah Channel, stopping at Scappose to drop something off for a friend's boat. We moved on to an anchorage in the North Portland Harbor to wait for high tide. Water levels are quite low at this time of year, and we have been experiencing some difficulty getting into/out of our moorage. While waiting we had quite a few visitors!
Our duck friends swam over from shore, happily shared one of our bagels, and circled the boat several times, even stopping for a snooze in our shade. It was perfect weather for a bit of sunbathing, and this dragonfly agreed. He posed for several photos, but the first shot was the best.

Steve Hankins and his wife also came by in their boat. They had admired Viking Star from afar, and came for a closer look. They were a pleasant and friendly couple and we enjoyed passing an hour in their company.

The sunset was a perfect end to the day. I have taken several shots of our Beaverton Sail and Power burgee--here is the latest. Where have you taken YOUR burgee?

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