Wednesday, August 12, 2009

One Advantage

Last night I was reminded of one advantage to boat life. The power went out on the Portland side of the river! But I think it even took us awhile to notice, because we have these fabulous batteries that provide power when the electric company cannot!

We could have watched TV, but there are so many re-runs on right now. Al set up the computer to watch a DVD. It was enjoyable evening.

Then, since the mattress directions said you could enjoy it right away, BUT it may take up to 72 hours to fully 'fluff', I made up the bed. Seems I brought our sheet sets to the boat, but our full-size blankets are still packed away somewhere. I found a larger quilted throw and being summer and once again sleeping next to my furnace of a husband, the covering was adequate.

Unfortunately, I did not sleep well. Especially since for a time this morning, it seemed air traffic was heading EAST on the runway, making it MUCH quieter on this end! Yet I was up before 6.

Off to play with the grandkids soon. They will tire me out, and perhaps I will sleep better tonight.


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