Friday, August 7, 2009

Reflections on Retirement and Boat Life

This morning I was once again rudely awakened by a jet taking off overhead--we are located literally at the end of the PDX runway.

Morning coffee included a 'Goose Parade'! They reminded us of Christmas Ships--cruising single file through the marina, pausing for a curtsy toward Viking Star (I think they were just checking to see if we would share breakfast).

Al is away today, helping his son Michael to move the Firebird once again. Hopefully THIS will be the location it will stay at for a time, and restoration will resume.

So. I am taking a relaxing day. I again braved the marina shower with it's large hot water tank. I wanted a leisurely shower in which to wash and condition my long hair and to shave my legs. In the onboard shower I can EITHER wash and condition my hair, turning off the spray in between rinses, OR shave my legs. On occasion, both processes should be done on the same day. At present impossible; until the 'on demand' water heater is installed, I will have to make concessions.

Then I packed up our new mini-laptop and parked myself at Starbucks. It is my first time logging onto internet outside of our own network! And I proudly have figured out on my own how to download a single photo from our camera and post it here on the blog.

So, how do I like 'retirement' and boat life so far?

Processes on the boat seem to take a lot longer. We have elected not to have a microwave. The space it takes is too precious. And it is probably healthier for us to not be eating the many processed foods that can be heated in the appliance. There is no dishwasher, other than hands in the sink. There is still not 'a place for everything' so items are moved onto the bunks during the day, and onto the cabin floor at night. Clean clothes store more compactly than dirty ones fluffed into the basket, so laundry must be kept up on. At present that entails packing everything down and back to the laundry facility at the end of the dock.

Al says we need to figure out how to get more exercise on the boat. Are you kidding? I do deep knee bends while bending to vacuum, stretches to sweep the spider webs that grow every day. Climbing the boat ramp takes the place of a stairmaster on every car trip or garbage run, and grocery shopping is my weight lifting. The fridge is mini-sized, so frequent trips are needed. I have gone to the grocery twice in the past week. And since the boat is still essentially a wood shop there is more stretching and bending to do frequent dusting.

Oh. One thing I have missed....a full-size mirror. I guess that means I will have to work on being less concerned with my appearance.

Yesterday I spent the day playing with Madalyn and Evan--the Miramontes grandchildren. Next week I will have to pick a day to visit the Tovey grandchildren. Emrie is growing so fast! Troy wants to come spend a night at the boat. We will have to arrange that soon too.

One week down.


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