Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Franken Bed, and 1st Guests at our 'New Home'

Almost there! Yesterday I finished the outside framing and headboard on the bed! It all looks pokey, or Frankenstein-ish if you will. (They are the Bung Plugs to cover the screw holes).

Today I will trim the bungs flush, and do a final Sanding (always
Sanding....), and we get to start the Varnish cycle! 5 coats later
(I know, not the Purist who looks to 12 coats as a good start), and we get to put down the mattress! YEA! Will be nice (and odd) to have the real master bed in place. But before then, well, we do need to dig the mattress out of the Staging Unit.

Also last night we had out 1st House Guests. Dave and Patty came over for dinner before they needed to pick up some folks at the Airport. Given that we are perhaps a 5 minute drive from the Airport, not too bad of a way to wait :-)

Kristi had the main cabin looking nice, Girls are good to have around I keep saying....

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