Friday, August 21, 2009

Troy's first 'overnight' on the boat

I was brave (some would argue the choice of this word) and invited Troy--the oldest grandchild-- to come along to our US Power Squadron District 32 Rendezvous. I got up early and drove to Hillsboro to pick him up and get back to the slip before the benefit of high tide was withdrawn. All was well, and we got away with no problems.

Since the back of the boat was 'too sunny' we spent most of the time at the bow, riding the waves. 'Papa' even joined us with his remote control to steer the boat, and Troy got a turn at the wheel. Troy was very interested in all the big ships we saw at anchor. We also observed, TWICE, an osprey pull fish from the river!

At the dock in St. Helens, entertaining a small boy became more challenging. The Leapster came out for a bit. Then we explored the playground where Troy became a spider, and took a spin in another boat. Later, people began setting up stands for the weekly market held near the park. They brought children! All took care of entertaining each other, and Troy had a blast.

The band 'Rambling Rose' played from 6-9 PM, but we left after the raffle drawing at 8. There was enough hot water for Troy to take a much needed shower, and to do the dishes. A snack, bedtime story and a flashlight, and we were ALL tucked into bed.

I awoke to the flash of Troy's light under our door and his complaint that the light wasn't working. A trip to the head, and words to point out that there was plenty of light coming in his window satisfied him, and he went directly back to sleep. I stumbled back to my bed and checked my phone, surprised to find it was already 5:15. I have been awake since. But Troy sleeps on. It is now after 9 AM.

Troy's father will be picking him up here this evening. Then Al and I will hope to relax and enjoy the rest of the cruise meeting with fellow Power Squadron members. Troy has had a hard time understanding that 'cruising' also includes being tied at the dock.


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