Sunday, April 10, 2011

More progress, NO photos!


I commented to Kristi yesterday it seemed I was really making progress on things.  Just feels like it, but I do worry I am being optimistic.

Overall, we are targeting the end of May for the Haul Out.  BTW, the dates for No Rain have shifted a bit to May 23..30th.  The basic idea is at that point we will be 100% on the boat.  Projects completed to the point they are, or are not.  We will release the garage, and give away the car.  Fully Committed - so to speak.

It is with this in mind that I look at what still needs to be done, and actually at times feel like might be able to accomplish this.  To this end, I set in my mind to the end of THIS month for a timeline.  This lets some things slip over into May.  But I always would rather be done early than rushing at 11:58 on the last day.   So, what has been done this week?

  • Drilled and installed the hold downs for the Dinghy - Gravity has been the only thing keeping it in its storage spot on the aft cabin.  Now we can lash it down!
  • Meet with the Heater Guy to talk about placement and Exhaust routing.  Drew up a custom exhaust water-trap and am having it built locally.  Should be ready by end of Month.
  • Cut and placed the mounting platform for the Hurricane Heater.  Just need to cut some all-thread and fit it into place.  Then hook up all the wires and pipes!
  • Placed and started drilling holes to mount an impeller pump on the DC generator, to replace the 12v raw water pump I have been using.
  • Ordered the RO (Water Maker) membranes and housings.  This will allow me to place them and get the custom hoses made up.
  • Yesterday Chris (a fellow Boater we meet last Summer) and I pulled down the overheads and insulation in the main cabin.  Drilled and pulled signal wires for the AIS, TV Antenna cable, remote Horn button (more below) as well as a spare wire for potential use on future AM/FM speakers.  This was a MESS, and am glad Kristi did not see it.  Biggest mess was the drilling of holes, and the insulation fuzz that always comes off.  But am excited to get these wires pulled as it allows me to get the TV receiver off the bridge area, and will allow for installation of the AIS!
  • Cut and laminated Mahogany panels for the area to place the AIS receiver, along with the WiFi repeater and potential AM/FM auto radio.  Also glued in the mounting tabs for these panels.
  • 1st Coat of Varnish on the above panels, as well as the trim strips for the aft soles in prep for installing the remaining of the cork flooring in the aft cabin
  • Filled and placed into storage the Electrical overflow storage container.  This got about 3 boxes out of the garage!
  • Pulled one of the heads that came with Viking Star to see if a friend of Chris's could use it.  Sorry to say, it was in ruff shape (I had not looked at it for 10 years - it was the head originally in the aft cabin). So we all agreed it was better suited in the dumpster than anyones boat.  But ONE MORE box out of the garage!
  • Cut (still need to trim and fit) a covering board for the window frame that contains the steering and motor control cables that route to the upper steering station.
  • Cut a Mahogany panel to install next to the Refrigerator.  Will look a bit nicer!
  • Re-glued a small piece of Formica that was popping off.  BTW:  I accidentally picked up a can of contact cement that was in 'Gel' form.  What junk!  I tossed the can after using it for a few strips, all of these have popped off.  JUNK!

Last year Viking Star was boarded twice during the night.  By young folks wanting to do ??    The 1st couple we think we know - at least what HE wanted to do :-)   Not so sure about the lone Girl, though she seemed to have good support from the docks..  In thinking about potential reaction, am installing a remote set of switches above the aft bed that will allow the deck lights to be turned on.  This should help inform folks they are not alone.  AND if that does not work, am also are going to install a switch for the air horn!  That is the wire Chris and I pulled yesterday.

And want to pass on some info for the water maker / DC generator I am making.  Have not talked much about the RO water maker to date, and will add more details as I finish it.  But in short, there are lots of resources on the web for these.  And they are really not that complex.  The two biggest costs are the pressure pump, and the RO membranes / housings.  This week I contacted Rich Boren from Third Day (  They have been out cruising for a couple of years now, and not finding enough drama in his life refitting boats, sailing with teenagers, and fighting starter fires, decided to start  Cruise RO Water and Power ( .  This company focuses on simple and field tested solutions to water making and energy production.  I asked Rich if he would be willing to sell me just the housing and membranes, and the answer was YES!   A blatant plug: his prices were competitive, we spent about a half hour talking about things (I hope he was using Skype), and it is good to support a fellow cruiser.  So, with this I have the last major components for the water maker.   Am planning on placing them and getting the hoses made up by the end of April.

And there are No Photos, the boat is way too much of a mess and I do not wanted it documented!

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