Thursday, April 28, 2011


Have 14 working days left before the scheduled haul out.  This is all the time left to complete all projects, clean out the garage and apartment, dispose of the car, and get on our way.  Of course, there will be a few extra days after the haul out, but that should be reserved for cleanups.  OK, have been making progress.  Hard to list up all that has been done, some highlights:
  • Completed the devil seams!   Can wash the boat now in prep for painting.
  • Completed the cabinet for the AIS and WiFi.  Looks really nice, no more wire hanging all over.
  • Put up the TV receiver, again, no more wires all over the dash this time.
  • Installed a Paragon JR water pump – looking like a great solution, and am surprised to see it is much more quiet than the other pumps we have used!
  • Cut out the mounts for the main motor heat-exchange, to allow for it to SAFELY be added into the hydronic heating system.
  • Have mounted the Hurricane Heater and connected all the water pipes.  Pressure testing indicates a small leak somewhere, need to chase that down before charging the system with water.
  • Mounted the water maker high pressure pump.
  • Built a protective cage around the steering gear – to keep things from jamming the rudder at the wrong time.
  • Repaired forward framing on port side.  Still have three more to go and would like to get it done before we paint.  But this forward one was more important as it was allowing all the water that rained on the forward deck to ‘drip down’ into the hull.

Projects in flight, and am hoping to largely finish up in the next week:
  • SSB, complete wiring for Power as well as antenna tuner and Pactor modem.
  • Cork Floor in aft cabin:  trim is all in, need to level the floors and cut/fit the cork.  Then an overcoat.
  • Hydronic heater:  Pressure test, connect fuel and power lines.  Install exhaust system.  Create control box and install thermostats throughout boat.
  • Watermaker:  Start assembling components I have on hand, decide placement and get remaining hoses to connect all.
  • Rain Gutter around lazaret hatches – not started.
  • Procure and install radiators into aft cabin – not started.
  • Install aft head and treatment system – not started.
And of course, paint boat cabin before the haul out.  Haul out has its own list of work to do!

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