Monday, April 4, 2011

We are Booked!

Just booked the lift dock for May.  After talking with Phil at Tomahawk Island Marina  we put in for a block of time from May 18 .. 25.  Will  adjust the actual haul-out during those days to accommodated for weather.

We haul Viking Star every two years for normal maintenance, and she is due now.  At this point have just a few things to take care of:

  1. Replace 3x plywood butt-blocks starboard side a bit forward of mid-ship
  2. Inspect all seams, service as needed.  I typically end up doing about 20' or so of re-corking.  this year will pay special attention to the seam compound.
  3. Install SSB grounding plate
  4. Pull shaft and shorten it - current prop overhang is a bit longer than recommended.
  5. Inspect / replace cutlass bearing while shaft is out.
  6. Bottom paint.
  7. Paint topsides.
  8. Adjust Boot-strip
  9. Replace all zincs, likely unusable do to long term fresh-water exposure.
  10. Replace rudder box and stuffing box packing (as these will be removed for shaft service giving easy access)
All and all a busy, but not excessive schedule.  The Shaft work is perhaps the biggest outlier when it comes to time.

BTW:  I have used T.I.M. for my haul outs for some time now, and very much can recommend them.  Great facility, right across the street from Sexton's Chandlery.  Phil who runs the marina is a great guy, knowledgeable about what he does, and easy to work with.  Also check out the photo sections looking for Viking Star during a prior haul out!

And everyone has a homework assignment- get out your best magic, we need NO RAIN from May 18..25 in Portland this year!!!

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