Saturday, December 3, 2011

Things that . . . Work: Tornado Rotary Tank Rinser

A few days ago we installed the Tornado Rotary Holding Tank rinsing system, a small ‘nozzle’ we purchased at an RV store last spring for around 2 boat 'pennies'  ($20).

Yesterday we had the chance to use it.

Our holding tank had built up a layer of sludge on the bottom over the years that just would not pump out no matter what we tried.  At the prior pump-out we were only able to get the level gauge down to ‘3’, as opposed to empty.  So it was really kind of a stinky problem and I was in no way looking forward to any sort of ‘open up the tank and clean it out’ process…

Yesterday we motored over to the pump-out dock, pumped the tank and then hooked this baby up to the dock water supply and let her rip.  Got to tell you, it worked great!  We could instantly see more sludge coming out and over a period of a half hour it kept getting less and less brown!  So nice!

Added in a batch of KO enzymes and we are all ready to go once again.

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