Monday, November 28, 2011

Getting back into projects..

Like the summer before, this summer when we started cruising I just stopped doing projects on the boat.  Just was done.  Well, not totally.  This summer I did install the aft head, and completed the water maker, and put on a coat of Cetol.  And then there was the haul out.

OK, guess I did do projects over the summer…

I have been back at it this past week as well.  Started connecting up the baseboard radiators in the aft cabin – in preparation for completing the final ‘loop’ into the Hurricane hydronic heater.  Figure I am about half the way done with this project.

I pulled the heat exchanger off the Kubota and ordered some thick brass strips.  They should be in this week and I will solder them to the too-thin flanges and then remount the exchanger.  While I am at it, I will re-route things to pre-heat the sea water before it enters into the Water Maker.  Will be interesting to see how this affects the produced output when we fire it up again next Spring.

Today I installed this odd gizmo we picked up at a RV World a while ago.  Idea it to ‘flush out’ the holding tank after we pump it out.  Am hoping it will work as we seem to be building up a layer of sludge on the bottom of the tank that we cannot just suck out.  Will give this guy a try the next time we move over to the pump out.

Also today I did some clever wiring with  a couple of diodes and a relay to automatically turn on the fuel boost pump whenever the main motor or the Hurricane heater it running.   Ah, Automation.

Am waiting to locate some Butyl rubber for re-bedding one of the aft port lights which leaks during heavy rains.  Wouldn’t you know it, this is perhaps one of the very few things I did not pack aboard Viking Star when we left.  Gave it away instead.

Wow, with all these projects, better take a break.  Do not want to wear myself out.

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