Saturday, November 19, 2011

Health Maintenance

We planned to do this, and it has been keeping us busy!

Al and I have both had dental cleanings and appointments for further work to be done.  I have actually had a taste of that already!  Dr. Michele Reynolds is very gentle and concerned for your comfort.  She uses a laser whenever possible, and one of my teeth allowed that.  No shot, and no pain!  Wow, the advances that have been made since my last dental visit -- 6 years ago!

Al and I both had medical visits too, mainly to be able to refill our medications.  Yesterday we had to fast until 10 AM for blood work.  That was made more difficult by two facts:  we were awake at 4 AM, and we could not have even coffee!

Al had an eye exam on Tuesday, and we ordered up some reading glasses for him.  The doctor is a graduate of Pacific University College of Optometry, so he and I conversed a bit.  Dr. Chris T. White is in his Friday Harbor office two days a week, and his Eastsound, Orcas Island office two days a week.  He flies his plane from place to place, and both of his offices are 'on the runway'!  My appointment is next Tuesday.

We continue to meet interesting people.  The other day we met Art and Rae at the shed on the dock.  It is the station for sharing information, books, discarded items that still may be useful to someone.  We were perusing a stack of magazines, and they were checking the bulletin board. We hope they will visit the boat soon and share more about their trips on the Inside Passage.

Today was a brilliant sunny day, but the dock was frosty even after 1:00, if it was still in the shade.  We met a naturalist who works the summer whale watching excursions and had a fine conversation with him in which he shared opinions on restaurants,  and recommendations for the Farmer's Market and Whale museum.

Since it was sunny, we decided to go to the library after stopping for pastries at the Farmer's Market, and we read magazines and newspapers next to the fireplace.

Well we won't have to eat seagull after all!  There is a turkey dinner at the high school tomorrow afternoon.  And a community dinner at the Grange Hall on Thanksgiving Day.  We look forward to both.

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