Friday, November 4, 2011

Web Cams and Window Views

I forgot to post the link to the marina web cam here! I posted on Facebook, and we have had fun waving to friends, since the web cam is basically 'real time'.  If you go to the site, we are just below the red +.

Here are the stairs just above the marina office. Yesterday we began our three-hour walk by going up these steps. I only began counting once we had already gone up the two flights of concrete steps. Four more flights above them run 12-14-12-14 for 52 steps. Last night, we attended the monthly pot-luck and meeting of the Friday Harbor Power Squadron, held at the Grange, that tan building at the top. This time I also counted the concrete steps (23) which makes 75 in all!  Once we arrived at the top, we realized we had forgotten the crackers to go with the curry chicken spread we had brought as an appetizer, so down and up I went again! It is quite the cardio workout!


ALL we met at the meeting were very friendly, welcoming us to the meeting AND the island. Every day we feel a bit more at home.

This morning, Al had an assignment to do for work, so I set out on an independent morning coffee excursion. I began again with the stairs.  It seemed easier today. I will have to continue climbing them daily, if I can! 

I first run an errand, dropping medical release forms off at the doctor's office.  Then I go to 'The Doctor's Office', a coffee shop on the first floor of this cute building:

It is a very inviting-looking building, with a big porch and the 'right' color (green is my favorite). Inside, I find the seating a bit cramped, and not much counter space is available for ordering or taking care of transactions. Only paper cups were visible, and when I asked whether there was a ceramic 'for here' option, a mug was brought out. A taste improvement over paper, it just doesn't seem very 'elegant' however. My latte and chocolate croissant were fine. The best feature of this location? The view straight onto the ferry lane:

The upper two stories of the building are taken by the Ferry Landing Suites.  Visit the website at, one of SEVERAL places offering fine accommodations for groups larger than Viking Star can house comfortably. 

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