Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving in Friday Harbor

Remembering a stormy September weekend in Echo Bay on Sucia Island, I am thankful today for being on the breakwater in Friday Harbor.

There's Viking Star, on the left.  Our wind gauge registered steady winds of 35-45 this afternoon, with peak gusts to 60.  We are still not SURE whether this reads Knots per hour, or Miles per hour.  We are rather sure it is knots, which converts to 69.1 MPH.

Winds like that can make some big waves, even in a harbor.  The waves were big enough to kick one of the attached dock fenders or bumpers OVER the bull rail onto the dock.  We walked up to the community Thanksgiving dinner at the height of the winds, and we were grateful for the barrier doing it's job -- stopping the waves coming across.  (This photo was taken when we returned after dinner.)

We cannot praise the dinner enough!  Supported by local businesses, civic organizations, and private citizens, the meal was every bit as tasty as served at any Grandma's house!  There was a real fire burning in the fireplace, below a decorated mantle, service with a smile, and even the decaf coffee was yummy!  Two friendly couples across the table, Barbara and Joe, and Richard and Kathy, made conversation delightful.

We are already saying it is likely that we will spend NEXT winter here too.

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