Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Frost on the Dinghy

It was a clear night last night, so it got pretty cold.  Al says that when he was up at 4 AM, the temperature in the main cabin was 64.  Considering we often have to open doors and windows to keep it below 80, we knew it was COLD last night.  (A down comforter has kept us snuggly in bed at even lower temperatures.)

My facebook status this morning says 'No clouds for this morning's sunrise.  Still beautiful, but without those obstacles, it is less interesting......kind of like life.'  And I truly believe that.  It is the obstacles in life that reflect the glow of the light at your center.

The above photo DOES have some clouds.  This is facing more northerly, showing a dock and cozy cabin on Brown Island, and the mist rising from the waters.

In fact a few minutes later, here comes Sealth around the bend:

That's Brown Island again, the trees on the right.  The dark band of land behind Sealth is Shaw Island, and the taller band behind it on the left is Orcas Island. Three islands in one picture!  The sun has just peeked over the horizon, and instantly the cabin temperature rises.

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  1. Living on board one is more tuned into the moment. How lovely you comment on a warm bed, a clear morning sunrise, and frost on the dinghy.
    Hira at home
    Waiting to go to Shatoosh ASAP.