Monday, July 9, 2012

A Day With Hira

We met at Dougal Point on Harstine Island.  Shatoosh is a zippy little boat!

We motored up to Allyn Washington and docked.  We walked to the Post Office to mail a package for Christine's birthday this weekend.  Then we got burgers at Bubba's.  They were doing a BOOMING business!

Then Hira and I grabbed cameras from the boats and headed back to the chainsaw carving school for pictures!

Hira especially wanted a shot of this group!

DOUBLE eagle shot!

So, the dock seemed a bit rickety, and there was no water, and the pump-out does not work.  There were teenagers gathering for diving and swimming.  And the tide was falling.  So we decided to move on down the inlet to McMicken Island.  BUT there were two buoys open at Stretch Island.

We got a ride in Pashmina 2!

Hira rows us to shore.
Al notes that he and I have different beachcombing techniques.  We do have quite contrasting piles to show for it...

Actually, Al was the first to find a sand dollar...he got the 'baby' one, and added it to 'my' pile.

Hira also got to observe us talking to a few of the grandkids.  Madalyn, Evan, and Milo are so excited about the family trip planned to come visit Grammie and Papa on their boat next weekend!  We are excited too!


  1. You are fast..What a fun time together. Thanks for everything.

    1. What a beautiful day to spend together! Yes, it was a very fun time.