Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Miramontes Family Visit

Please indulge while we share the great time when daughter Casey, her husband Richard, and the kids Madalyn, Evan, and Milo came up for a long weekend.

I got lots of great pictures, and here are some of my favorites.......

It was nearly a three-hour drive for them to meet us in Olympia, so the first step was to take the kids to the playground and let them run off some energy before we start an hour and a half boat trip!  Here's Milo on the slide.

Madalyn on the swing.  She CAN pump a big-girl swing by herself, but  this time she's swinging next to her  littlest brother.

Evan's 'crocs' match the climbing structure!  Too bad his glasses are lost -- they would coordinate well, too.

Madalyn was very interested in the chart plotter and steering the boat!  She did a very good job of holding a course, and watching for 'bad water' on the chart.

Our first stop was at Hope Island.  It is a beautiful sunny afternoon, so we head to shore.  We are so many, it takes two trips in the dinghy.  Here Casey waves 'bye' to her boys, while Al ferries the girls.

The family is united again....

Learning about Hope Island.  Papa is pointing out the buoy where we left 'the big boat'.

Madalyn and Evan debate which way to go, while Milo just forges ahead!


The 'dinosaur' in the water

Throwing rocks is the favorite beach activity


Milo fell into the water and got soaked, and wanted a break from the beach.

A warm hug from Grammie

Amazing!  Madalyn balanced the big rock, and Evan was able to add the little one without upsetting it!

Our sunny afternoon turns quite stormy, with heavy rain and lightening and thunder.  


Tooting Papa's horn

Milo got a trim, and now we can see those brown eyes!

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