Tuesday, January 15, 2013

2012 in Pictures

Beginning Sunday morning, January 1, 2012 and through sunset on Monday evening, December 31, 2012, we took 4562 photographs!

In trying to condense them into 'a few' for a blog post I think I did pretty good on my first edit, which yielded 36 in my folder.  Still too many.  So I tried again.  I aimed for just one photo for each  month, I really did!  But still could only get it down to 19.   The main focus is People, Places, or Milestones.  Tried to cut out all the 'scenery' - but one made the cut anyway.   And even though there are more than enough for at least one photo a month, a couple of months are not represented.  Oh well.

Here we go.

January 1:  His brother Ryker called this Ranger's 'bathtism', and I LOVE this picture!  You can see Ryker's whole-hearted participation with his parents, and Rangers chosen godparents.  And little Ranger is looking out calmly, as if saying 'Look what's happening, to ME!'

January 1:  The first time (and only time, so far) that I have seen my son in his Navy uniform.
He wore dress blues as he became Ranger's godfather.

March 2:  We 'stumble across' the aircraft carrier USS John C. Stennis returning to its home port, Bremerton WA, just outside of Seattle.  Micah will be assigned to a carrier once he completes his training in 2013.

March 3:  Viking Star's hour meter turns over a thousand!

March 19:  Milo has surgery, overnight with IV's, and an oxygen meter that makes his toe glow!

May 6:  We manage to 'corkscrew' the anchor shaft at the end of our Great Shrimping  Adventure of 2012.

May 10:  Best Bud Brian comes for a visit

May 18:  We receive our uniforms for volunteering at Washington State Parks.

May 23:  Solar panels are installed on Viking Star.  We won't run our generator again until September!

June 1:  We pass below the Tacoma Narrows Bridge to begin our summer in the South Sound.

July 13:   Casey,  Richard, and  kids Madalyn, Evan and Milo.  We explored Hope and McMicken Islands together.

July 27:  Crabbing with Chris

August 9:  Christine has shoulder surgery.  Michael shares sympathy, since he's also had shoulder surgery

August 25:  Chuck and Betty come visit for a few days, and we enjoy Blake Island and Bremerton.  Chuck was the photographer of this one.
Sept 6:  Kristi and Viking Star at the Washington State Capitol , Olympia.
Taken for a friend's school project to show where her friends live.

September 24:  Michael comes to help with the haulout

October 6:  We meet Lindsay in Seattle for dinner at the Cheesecake Factory.
She attended a doula class for two weekends

November 24:  Thanksgiving weekend -- SO much nicer than 2011!

December 24:  Jolly elves


  1. Thanksgiving picture is spectacular. Have a great year, may our wakes cross again.