Friday, January 18, 2013

Another Day in Paradise

The change of scenery has worked.  Even HOUSEwork is delightful in such a house as this!  A little dusting, gaze out the window, a load of laundry, take a peek out the window, run the dishwasher -- and take another look out the window.

Even a trip to the dentist has its own delights.  We see swans aswimming on a pond, but there was too much traffic on a narrow roadway to stop and take a photo.  Maybe before the week is out.  Another chance tomorrow as we plan to breakfast at Ernie's in honor of Al's birthday.

More boat traffic

Taking advantage of the oven.  Lasagna and garlic bread last night.
And tonight, baking with a 'new' cookbook -- the internet!  I made these:  

I made them double chocolate -- chocolate cake mix and chocolate chips.  We were surprised how light they turned out!

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