Saturday, January 19, 2013

Happy Birthday to Al

When we moved onto the boat, we kind of migrated away from exchanging gifts on special occasions -- you know -- 'we live on a boat now, we do NOT need more STUFF!  Now, we try to share an experience to mark those special dates, like shrimping on our 10th Anniversary, or hauling the boat on my birthday, or buying gifts for the grandchildren for Christmas.  Often, we will go out for a meal.

Today for Al's birthday, it was more difficult than usual to go out for a meal.  We had heard that Ernie's had really good breakfast, so this morning at 9AM we headed to the airport.  But as soon as we turned the corner, we knew they weren't open.  Seems they are only open on weekdays, and even then they don't open until 10 AM!

So we decided to drive across the island to Roche Harbor.  But the sign at the Lime Kiln Cafe said they were closed to refinish their floors!  The sign invited us to go to McMillan's just across the way, so we did.  They serve the same food as the Lime Kiln, except for the donuts.  No donuts.

Maybe it's a good thing that I stretched the 'rule' and got Al a gift.  It arrived last week, a box from Amazon, and Al has been shaking the box and speculating ever since.  He promised NOT to look at his Amazon account, and I believe he didn't.  Surprises really ARE  more delicious than not, don't you think?

We boat dwellers don't possess gift wrap, so today Al got out his trusty pocket knife and neatly cut the tape sealing the box.  Inside he found this:

The cookbook from Master Chef, the show we enjoyed watching last summer.  Al even had to leave Joemma State Park one night when we couldn't get the TV signal that would allow us to watch it.  And on another occasion when we lost the signal DURING the show, he rigged the anchor line so that our orientation changed, and we could finish watching the show.

We enjoyed cheering for our favorite, Christine Ha.  She is to have her own cookbook published, but it was not released in time for Al's birthday.  Instead we have the summary of the season, which is almost better.  Here is Christine:

I think we will both enjoy reading this book and trying recipes.

Oh, and I sang a song to Al:

Happy Birthday to You,
You are 52.
We live in a boat,
And I love you!

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