Saturday, March 22, 2014

"Who ISSSS It?"

(Said in my best SNL voice).

Ok a side note.  We added a Statcounter demon to our web page many years ago, long before Google had a stats capability built into   Not that we manage this kind of stuff, but it is kind of fun to see how many folks read the blog, and what pages they are interested in (FYI, WiFi for a boat beats all others hands down).

We generally run about 30-40 'page hits' a day (Wow, are we in the Big Times now??), and if Kristi makes some type of advertisement on Facebook about a special post, or I do on one of my Email lists I follow - we can get that number up to 100 or even as high as 200 or 300! 

What fun!

Well.  Last Sunday something happened.  And we are not sure what it was as neither Kristi nor I made any "Hey, we might have something fun to read about here in our blog" advertisement.    But something happened anyway.  Just look at this:

A spike on Sunday, and it appears to have keep most of the week!   Looking at some of the details (at least details available for free, remember we are not really 'working' our blog) has given no insight into why.  No special page, no one special part of the world.   But still this increased traffic.

Are YOU one of these new readers?   How did you come to this little space in the bit-world?  And to you, and everyone, we hope you find some helpful - or if not helpful, at least entertaining - insights!


  1. I'd love to claim credit but I'm probably one of the returning visitors since I've been following you for a long time now.

  2. Thanks Tate, yes - you are one of our regulars who actually seems to read these as well! Now that we are 'Land Bound' with just about the same end point as you - we have upped our "Living Vicariously" through Sundowner. So guess it goes both ways :-)

  3. I have been following your blog for a couple of years. We used to sail on the Salish Sea and enjoy your posts about places we have been. We hope to return to our sailing days up there again.

  4. Oh Thanks. Kristi and I are also looking forward to resuming our travels. As the year plays out will start looking at the details...