Wednesday, October 15, 2014

And the answer is: PowerPulse to the Rescue!!!!

Well maybe:  Update Jan 2015 - Seems the 'rescued' battery was not able to make it through the cold Minnesota winters, and again failed.   But who knows, if I had been able to leave the PowerPulse on what would have happened - -      To my amazement, that dead battery was brought back to life, but perhaps that life was a short one..  Bottom line: I have no idea if this technology really works or not in the long run.


After almost 4 weeks on the PowerPulse I had to take it off for my trip back to Viking Star.   Here is the last 'installment'.

 The At Rest (48hrs at rest) voltage is now 12.60v, indicating a fully charged battery!  .  And a scope capture from 8/19:

Final scope photo on 8/19/2014

Compare this to the initial (7/24)  12.45v at-rest voltage when I 1st hooked things up:

July 24, first attached
Notice the difference?  In addition to a measurable difference shown above I noted another difference - perhaps more a 'feel', is the cycle of pulsing.  When 1st attached there was a pulse about every 4-5 seconds.  Now it is around one a second.

Hum. . . .  Timing is different, At Rest voltage is different.  Pulses no longer show ringing.   Clearly something has changed.

But did it work?  Did it 'restore' this abused farm starter battery?

The answer is Yes!!!  Today I installed the battery back in the same truck, and it started!  Now, this is even after setting for a month (I took the battery off the PulsePower before heading the Viking Star in August).  Not only did it start the truck, it started it three times.  It started it after turning on the headlights for 10 minutes.  And it started it after I let it set for 6 more hours.

Bottom line:  This Group 31 battery was unusable, would in no way hold a charge.  After a bit over 6 weeks on the Pulse Power I was able to see noticeable changes in its waveform, and in fact the battery is usable again.

Go figure.

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We left this 'restored' battery in the truck and will see how it holds up.   But in this ONE example, I have to say PulsePower did work...

So - there

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