Sunday, August 17, 2014

Dead battery / PulsePower update#2

Today I checked how the sick Group 31 battery was doing on the Power Pulse.  I had re-attached it to the Wall Wart a couple of days ago and the voltage has risen to 14.68v.   Here is a photo of the 'pulses':

July 24, first attached - note the ringing

August 12th, ringing has diminished.

Today - Not too much change, but am noticing the width of the pulse is slightly greater
Today I pulled the Wall Wart off and will let the battery settle to its rest voltage.  On Tuesday I will need to take the Pulse Power away as I will be taking it with me Wednesday when I fly out to Viking Star for 10 days.  Will also walk the battery over to the corner garage and ask them to load test it.

On today's update I noticed three things:
  1. Battery Voltage has risen to highest yet while on wall-wart, 14.68
  2. Width of pulse is increasing. 
  3. Frequency seems to have increased.
The pulse width has been increasing.   Today it is 75-100nS, while a week ago it was only 50-75nS.  It started out not much greater then 50nS.  I also noticed the pulses seem to be coming faster, perhaps every second or so.  When I 1st connected it, the pulses were perhaps 3-4 seconds (IIRC) apart.  Not real sure on the times as I did not record them, but can safely say the pulses are faster today - maybe twice as fast..

Again, I have no idea what all this means, and perhaps there is a relationship between higher voltage and more energetic pulses?  Who knows.  To me, will be most interesting to see if the battery can start the truck after spending almost 4 weeks on the Pulse Power.  Stay tune for further developments!

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