Friday, August 29, 2014

. . . and 8 more.

Getting ready to head back to Minnesota, and though I would post a bit about what all happened these past 8 days.   Mostly I puttered around re-installing the generator (just short a pipe tap/plug and two fan belts to be done).  Fixed a couple of rot spots, more on that later.  Watered the plant (Aloe Vera , it was doing well despite being left alone for so long), serviced the battery and sprayed for ants (arg..).  Plus other small things - really Viking Star held up well on her own.  Also had a chance to talk with more 'locals'; the back story always help people feel a little kinder towards the Dock Queen :-(

Oh, and I visited some of our favorite places:  the Bean, the Crows nest, Sweet retreats (Great deli sandwiches), San Juan Bakery - pizza by the slice..  Stopped by to say 'Hi' to Juanda the Mermaid, caught up on some of the drama over the past 8 months or so in town.  And even made it out to Roche Harbor for fresh made plain-old cake doughnuts and coffee (Hum, see a trends in this list???)

Best doughnuts and coffee in the islands!

After over a week I will be happy to get back to Kristi, and am also sad I was not able to have time to get down to Portland...  Tomorrow catch the early ferry, figure will be about 20 hours total travel by the time I get back to Storden.

And true to my life, everyone here commented 'Man, this has been a GREAT summer - long, dry, low 80's.  Best one in years'. Missing that does match up well with what folks in Minnesota are saying 'Uff-da, this last winter was so bad - worst in 35 years'.

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