Saturday, August 23, 2014

212 days...

According to some magic online date calculator, Viking Star had been sitting patiently for 212 days from the time I left her back in January to when I returned late Wednesday night.

212 days.

Not sure how she has been passing the days, but you can see how I have been by looking over the entries for the past several months.  Mostly Arduino battery stuff, and helping with Kristi's folks.  (and pushing all the 'But, the boat' thoughts out of my mind).  I have been here going on 3 days now and thought it was time I posted something.  First off, it is surprising to me how easily I slipped back into the Floating Life.  Usually when away I do not sleep well, but that has not been a problem here.  It must have been foggy this morning as I could hear the fog horns as the ferry made its way to and from the islands.  By the time I got out of bed at 9:30am the sky was clear.

Clear, 70's, and low humidity.   Ah...

I was also taken back by how quiet it is.   One might think it would be oh so quiet on the prairie in Minnesota, but perhaps that is not the case.  Between the constant wind, the sound of ACs running, and traffic (pew - a Pig hauler), the lack of sound here was almost disturbing to me the 1st night.  (Kristi's note:  My parent's house is 'on' a state highway)

Enough about me, how was Viking Star?   Not bad.  I only have one page of 'to-do's, and is a small 6x9 page to boot!   Though some of those entries are multi day, ala "Install Generator".  Batteries only took 1.75 gal of water, am happy about that.  Bragger gauge shows only 35kts peak windspeed..  About the only surprise I found was the deck lights have decided to short somewhere and pop the breaker, the one place where we were successfully invaded the summer before last by Flying Ants seems to still have residents, plus our stuffing box bilge pump physically broke - meaning there is a bit more water in the boat then I would normally have as the 'next in line' pump did the duty and it can only get down to perhaps 1/3" or so...

I also have been taking the time to talk with folks on the dock who are so happy to see someone at the Dock Queen (being this is the summer, as opposed to January, there are more folks out here - who I can pass on the back story to)

Now, a couple of photos, perhaps for Kristi -

The Islands welcoming me back...

And COFFEE + my Bad Cat mug.
 Life is good!
I know, Peets Coffee is not really local.  But still beats the pants off anything I can buy back in Storden Minnesota, where our only selection is Folgers or grocery store Starbucks, SOME times...  Plus I was limited to pre-ground as our grinder is back east with Kristi.

I am hoping to get things done here a few days early and get down to Portland.  Targeting Wednesday as the travel day, but will see.  I still need to track down the box of supplies I ordered a couple of months ago - so I can get things done.  Till then, I have enough to do, I think.


(Another note from Kristi:  The pictures made me cry...)

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