Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Dead battery / PulsePower update

It has been almost 3 weeks that the Pulse Power unit has been chipping away at a rather new (but abused) farm tuck group 31 starter battery.  For the back story, click here:


Over the past weeks the battery voltage slowly increased to 14.5v where I disconnected the 'unregualtord - 12v' wall-wart and let the battery rest for two days.  It settled to 12.45v and here is what the scope looks like today:

After 19 days

Contrast this to what the waveform looked like when I 1st connected the Pulse Power unit:

First connection

 Both show a 4v / 100nS pulse - but I do notice the ringing after the pulse has reduced vs. when 1st connected.

So what does this mean?  I have no idea...  It is clear something has changed - but what I can not say.  The 12.45v settled battery voltage is indicative of a 80% charged state - but then this is the exact same place the battery was before doing any of this 12.45v (abit, after only a 3hr rest which is a little short - so this is a bit of Apples and Oranges here).

I will keep the battery on the pulse power unit, and connect and disconnect the wall-wart to keep Vbat under 14.6, for another week.  Then I am taking the Pulse Power unit with me back to Viking Star for my 10 days work session.  If I have time before leaving, will see if we can give this battery a test in the truck - the starter test.  Cause remember, it was hopeless when I 1st got it..


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